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Interim Full Cycle Recruitment.

When debating whether or not to engage an interim recruiter, remember one thing: hospital recruitment experience makes all the difference in the world when you need quality help quickly.


Utilizing our resources including our database consisting of over 1.3 million healthcare prospects, eHospitalHire creates your pipelines efficiently and effectively. Our results speak for themselves.

Managed Service Provider.

Through our MSP program we are equipped to respond quickly to fluctuations in staffing needs. We can help streamline the recruitment process, reduce administrative burdens, and negotiate favorable rates with vendors.

Executive Leadership Search.

We understand the uniqueness each leadership role entails and use our knowledge to best match personalities and skillsets with your culture, mission, and vision. C-level searches do not have to take six months to fill. Our executive database enables us to focus on the skillset and personality most important to your organization.

Requisition Management & High-Volume Screening.

For the times when your application volume exceeds your recruitment team’s bandwidth, eHospitalHire will step in and manage the front end of the process.

Clinical Leadership Search.

eHospitalHire has their finger on the pulse when it comes to clinical leadership. With an ever-changing database of over 77,000 clinical leaders, we create results quickly. We are focused on quality of care, leadership style, culture and best fit for your team.

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